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        In Eddy Stambury Inc, we want to create the best teamwork to provide customers with the optimum quality in everything that has to do with original music for audiovisual productions. I believe in the concept of teamwork when all its members have the same objective... Excellence.
        We want our clients to understand that a team that is involved in creative processes from the beginning, will achieve the communication objectives that the brand is developing. My Entertainment Business Master of Science degree and my experience in the industry are two of the most important tools I have to guide my company to accomplish this goal.

        In my near future, my professional goal is to grow my company in three important aspects. Quality of service, economically, and socially. With regard to quality of service, we will strive not only to always improve the quality of our original music but to provide our clients with creative ideas in audiovisual production that will allow them to expand their market. Economically, because always improving the quality of our service we will be growing our economy. Socially, because we want to collaborate with causes that help our community in some way, whether educating them in the field of audio-visual production or collaborating with social projects.

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